Voting Reform Organization to Hold 10th CD Straw Poll

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Voting Reform Organization to Hold 10th CD Straw Poll

Olympia, Wash.—June 11, 2018—On Saturday, June 30, Counted, a new nonpartisan voting reform organization, will be holding a candidate forum and straw poll for Washington's 10th Congressional District in the Capital High School Commons in Olympia. This is Counted's inaugural event.

Like a traditional straw poll, this event will give voters in the 10th CD the opportunity to hear from candidates for Congress and vote for their favorites in a nonbinding election. Unlike a traditional straw poll, participants will have three ballots each: a plurality ballot, an approval ballot, and a score ballot.

Plurality voting, also called first-past-the-post voting, or often just "voting," is the voting method currently used in elections around Washington state and much of the country, where voters may select only one candidate. This traditional, widely-used method is vulnerable to the spoiler effect, wasted votes, and a number of other undemocratic outcomes.

An approval voting ballot looks similar to a traditional plurality ballot, but allows voters to vote for as many candidates as they would like. A score voting ballot allows voters to rate each candidate on a 0-5 scale. According to Clay Shentrup, co-founder of Counted and the Center for Election Science, “Approval and score voting both solve the spoiler effect. Score voting also allows voters to express nuanced preferences and elect broadly popular consensus candidates."

For eligible voters in the 10th Congressional District, Counted's candidate forum and straw poll is an opportunity to experience the difference between these voting methods and their benefits first-hand. Those not eligible to vote in the 10th CD are welcome to attend and observe this free event.

Independent Centrist Nancy Dailey Slotnick, Independent Progressive Tamborine Borrelli, Republican Joseph Brumbles, and a representative from Democrat Denny Heck's campaign are participating in the candidate forum. The League of Women Voters of Thurston County will also be present to register voters.

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About Counted
Founded in 2018, Counted promotes nonpartisan, evidence-based voting reform, specifically the adoption of cardinal voting methods like score and approval voting, across Washington state. We are grassroots activists spanning the political spectrum, brought together by the idea that every vote should count.

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